One Day at a Time

If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you're a college student and that graduation may be just around the corner for you. That's my reality and although the thought of finally closing this chapter is super exciting, it's also been a true source of anxiety. The one question I've been asked regularly over the past several months is, "So what's next?". I've given so many different answers and rethought this so many times that some of the responses I've given are so foreign from what I feel like I want to do now. It's a little embarrassing when I tell people I've changed my mind since then, especially when I've decided not to go down a road that would perceivably lead to greater success.

To be completely transparent, I have no clue what's coming next. As a person who plans each week, day, and hour, this could make me feel like my world is falling apart. However, I learned the perfect lesson right on time. It's a message I've heard a thousand times but it's never felt so impactful.

Earlier today I was cleaning my room while listening to The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I heard the narrator say something like, "You must live each day in the present to be fully alive." I sat with that for a moment. Now all I can think, as far as graduation, is, "That's going to be an amazing day. Whatever comes next is going to be amazing too." And that's that on that. My heart beats rapidly and mind races when I remember that I'm going to be out in the world as a true adult very soon. But the truth of the matter is, that day is coming whether I worry or not. Worrying is actually sucking up the energy i could be using to develop my plan. So let's do this together. Whatever is coming up that has you concerned, take a breath, release and let go. It's going to happen. It could actually turn out beautifully. But no matter how it happens, it'll be apart of the story of your life and make you more prepared for the next obstacle. Relax, you'll be just fine.

-Love, Yonna


Here are links to purchase The Four Agreements book from Amazon and Audible. I highly recommend it. I have it on Audible. The entire book is only an hour and a half listen, so I'm sure it will also be a short read.

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